Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fundraisers and the Baby's Room

Ok, so let me start off by saying that raising money for my own cause is a little weird, and makes me feel selfish, so instead Mom's in charge of it. Our current goal is $5000. That will get the ball rolling! We made cute little jars to put around places to collect change. They are so pretty! There's one at the church and we're putting one at Brenda's Kitchen. We also made some little ones to give to anyone who would like to collect at their house. We are also thinking about a Singing/Spaghetti dinner as well, and maybe a Celebrating Home fundraiser. Anybody got any other ideas? I was thinking maybe a raffle, but then we run into the problem of getting stuff donated. Anywho! Lots to think about!

In the meantime, I've been thinking about getting the baby's room ready. I love painting and decorating, so I can't wait to get started. Just trying to find something that's neutral since we don't know what we are gonna get. :) I found the cutest bedding set that has deer all over it. Perfect for a Grimes' baby I think. It's light green and chocolate, so I'm thinking chocolate halfway up the wall, and then green around the top. I also saw a cute tree painted on a wall, so I may try that on one wall as well!

Once that's all done, I will work on picking the furniture. Think I've already picked it all out between my trips to Target, Babies R Us, and The Baby's Room, but it may change several times before then!!

Well, that's the scoop for now.....going to the doctor Monday for my evaluation, and will hopefully get James in next week as well! One step closer once that's done!!!

OH, and if anyone hears of someone giving up their baby (sounds weird but since we've started this I've actually heard of several) let them know we are adopting and give them our information!! And PRAY people! Thanks!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

From the start till now....

Wow! I'm so excited!!! I can't wait to get started with all of this. I've been to the Baby's Room twice now trying to decide on neutral colors for the nursery, and what furniture I wanted to get. I was pumped to hear that they had layaway. I also have bought a baby name book so that we can start to decide what the perfect names will be.

Anywho, here's the timeline from the start of all this:

9-1-09 This was the day it all started.....someone had been talking to me about adoption and I thought about it afterwards, and mentioned something to James about it. He said that it was willing to talk about it, so we invited Dayna and Randy over that night to discuss it since they had been through all of this before with Jonathan. After that we decided to find out more about Domestic Infant adoption.

9-2-09 I did research the next day to find out what was out there. Someone told me to contact Loving Choices to get more information. I did and they gave me several options. One of them being Bethany Christian Services. I emailed Bethany and received a preliminary application back. That night we set down and filled out the preliminary application, and decided what kind of child we were looking for.

9-3-09 I put the preliminary application in the mail and we waited.

9-8-09 After what seemed an eternity the finally called us today to set up an appointment for tomorrow at 10:30!!!!

9-9-09 This was our first visit to Bethany Christian Services to find out what adoption was all about. The meeting was very informative. I was pretty much swimming by the time we were done. I was especially pumped about the part where we will have to make scrapbooks. Afterwards, we went to lunch to talk things over. We both agreed that God was calling us to do this. I immediately texted everyone and told them. They were all excited. We told all our family and then told everyone at church that night. James told Brad he need to make an announcement after church and everyone thought we were leaving the church.

9-10-09 The next day I emailed and asked for the formal application hoping that I could break the record and get it all done one day.

9-14-09 After what seemed as another eternity we finally got the formal application today and all I can say is WHOA!! There will be no record breaking with this! We sat down and filled out as much as we can but there is so much more to do. It will be a while.

9-24-09 So we are still working on the paperwork. Probably half way done. Don't know where my birth certificate went, so we will have to send off for another one. Made an appointment for next week for my doctor visit, and plan on making one for James next week as well.

That's if for now! Stay tuned for more exciting news from our journey!