Saturday, October 3, 2009

Pack N Play

Went garage sellin' yesterday and got a Pack N' Play for $30. That's good right? I thought that it would do until we get real furniture. I didn't realize it had so many parts though! It's got a bassinet, music player, mobile, changing table, and organizer!! It all looks brand new too. There was other baby stuff there, and I'm kicking myself for not getting a monitor they had that was only $5! Then we went to a consignment shop and I saw a carseat that looked brand new, but they only wanted $10 less than what it would have cost new. What's up with that? Good thing I didn't get it.

Also got a new book called Successful Adoptions. I've already read the first 61 pages. Hopefully it will make me smarter about all this stuff. I did read one thing I though was great. Not only is God supplying our needs, but He will use our story to help us supply the need of others. That's what we are here for.....doing His work!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Still Waiting

Yep, you read it right......we're still waiting. I know, I know. I make it sound as if it's been an eternity and really it's only been a day. Anywho, we're still waiting. On the other hand, I've been window shopping a lot, and found the cutest stroller/car seat combo today at Target that I can't wait to get. It's very neutral, so either way it will go. Like I said.....just waiting!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

No News

Could today go any slower? God grant me patience! It feels like a century since I sent the email last night, and I'm sick of waiting already. How am I gonna make it? I'm not getting my hopes up but I would just like to know if we're the ones or not. Are there other families in line for this? Or we the only ones? All I've heard is a call from them wanting my email address. What does that mean? Does that me they are considering us? Or do we still have stuff to do before they can decide. I know this will all work on in God's time, but I need something! Don't they realize we have no idea how all this works?

God grant me PATIENCE!!! :)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Exciting Turn of Events

Well, God maybe working and we didnt' even know it! Just out of the blue, just like He likes it to be, I got an email about a girl in the area that is looking for a Christian family to adopt her baby girl that is due in December of this year!! What an answer to prayers this would be! Please keep praying for us. We sent an email back stating our interest in the matter and are anxiously awaiting a response!

A special thanks to my cuz Melanee, who thought of us and forwarded the much needed, potentially life changing information! Love you guys!!!!

We'll keep you posted!!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Doctor Visit and More Fundraising

So, I just got back from the doctors. Everything went quickly. Got all the paperwork done pretty much. Had my TB test, and worst part was that my shot records were not up-to-date so I had to have a tetanus shot. PUKE!! Now my arm is gonna hurt. Gotta go back on Thursday to have my TB test checked and to give blood for the STD test. Hopefully James will be able to go then too and get his done.

I also went to Brenda's today and put out our jar to collect change. And we're praying it fills up fast! :) We also set a date for our Singing/Spaghetti dinner......October 17th 5PM at the church. Gonna send out flyers to everyone I can think of and hope to put some up around places as well. If anyone needs directions or more information call me!!!

What's left you ask? Well, still a few papers to finish statements mainly, but also have to send off for our background checks, and child abuse registry checks. After that, we will be ready to send it all in as soon as the money comes!

Please be praying for us!

Till next time!