Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Benefit Fashion Show/Pageant

Thanks to all who participated in the the fashion show/pageant! One of my bestest friends' Melanie thought this one up and orchestrated the whole thing. She did a great job and it was a success. We raised approximately $750. Thanks again Melanie!!

I also am making girls hairbows to sell. I hear they are all the rage....right next to the silly bands! (Wish I woulda been the genius who came up the idea to make rubber bands into weird shapes to wear as bracelets, which can't be even seen while wearing. Who knew?) Sold a few at the fashion show, but most are so cute I don't wanna part with them. I'll post some pics later.
Well, that's the lastest update. Enjoy the pics below of the fashion show!

This is my sister Emily. We made her compete in the 18+ category. I think she let that cardboard crown go to her head!

This is my neice hamming it up for the camera. Don't let her innocent face fool you!

This is Abbi trying on one of the tu-tu's I made. Wrong end Abbi!!

This is a pic of all the contestants. It's not the best quality.....never let a man handle the camera!

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